Vega CRM Features

Lead and Contact management

This feature provides easy access, storage, and organization of contacts. You can create links between the company and related companies, people, opportunities, and other information or group together by relationship type. But in advance, Vega CRM uses AI technology to analyze unstructured data and convert it into standardized, usable attributes that you can act on, including

  • standardized company vertical tags (like cloud services, human resources, and publishing)
  • functional categorization for businesses (like B2B, Marketplace, and E-Commerce)
  • job roles (like leadership, marketing, and customer service)

Automated lead qualification and other processes can use any number of a lead’s characteristics, including firmographic, demographic, and behavioral data (from your website or product trial). To start, you need to have a good idea of what types of leads you’re prioritizing. Maybe you already have an ideal customer profile (ICP) in place. But even if you don’t, you need to have agreed-upon attributes that your marketing and sales team believes are necessary signals of a high-quality prospect.

The Vegarise team built a new lead processing system that worked across their stack, automatically scoring and routing leads. Vega CRM now has an efficient MQL/SQL model, incorporating relevant information about tips from behavioral signals.

  • On the behavioral side, the scoring takes into account browsing, and product activities like pricing page views, free trial activations, and feature usage within the web
  • From their organized data, the lead score considers factors like job title, industry, company size, and annual Once leads become MQLs, they’re identified and assigned to the sales team.

Opportunity management

For your opportunity tracking, Vega CRM does record all progress of sales opportunities.

You can define or custom standard workflow for sales also, there is a way to sell products quickly that don’t need a complex sales cycle and can be sold in a few steps.

Customer communications management

Any successful sales are the outcome of communication with customers through various channels. To manage the communication with customers, Vega CRM collected Social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Whatsapp, Line), Emails, and website comment’s on one platform to make insight into communication quality at all times. For example, you can add all your email accounts at Vega CRM, and if you had an email from an existing contact, then one communication record will create by CRM for this contact. Also, all attached files will show in this contact file management section. In the same way, you can add your social media accounts and emails so all comments and posts will be available to do reply and statistical analysis with a variety of charts.


Territory management

Territory management enables you to have separate configurations and isolate data access for your branches. Each created territory can have sub-territories as a child, so the parent will be able to access the child’s data as well.


Landing page management

If you are searching for effective landing pages, find some fantastic templates from our software to generate leads in your CRM. Vega CRM can integrate with your website through APIs and manage your website content directly by CRM. When your website site connects to CRM software, it also acts as CMS, and you can create, edit and delete your posts, write comments for them or approve them as an admin. Also, by using CRM, you can create posts in multiple languages, and you can design dynamic pages, Menus, and sliders then publish them on your website. It gives you a general overview of your website, and you can have separate information about your website’s pages visitors, posts, or comments.


Cases management

For better customer support, take advantage of the Vega CRM case management feature by having the customer data and recordings saved in each case for improvement. This module supports customer requests such as problems about sold products or their questions about your service and products. It provides information to create and publish solutions (Will suggest solutions based on already solved similar cases) for solving the problems reported by your customers via various ways (e.g., email, phone calls, and website). Each opened support ticket can be assigned to a relevant team or user as a task, and all services-related activities will log as a timeline until the case closes.


User activity tracker

There may be trouble finding solutions to customer queries, but not until you have the Vega CRM software, which can record and save all the user activities and interactions to improve customer services.

Task and appointment management

Create tasks and make an appointment to the employees with the task and appointment management system of Vega CRM and keep track of all the work on your fingertips.



Know your customers, their choices, and their loyalty towards your brand with the reports generated through the Vega CRM and get better improvements in your sales.

File management

This functionality enables you to create a file directory and save relevant files to each existing entity in CRM to keep documents in integrated mode also easily shared with other users. For example, a product entity can have several photos, brochures, analyze results, or certified documents.


Team management

This model empowers a particular deals group for each capacity in the business cycle. You will have the option to effectively follow measurements and recognize bottlenecks in this business group model. The group could be comprised of an outbound deals group to do cold effort, an inbound deals group to prospect and qualify showcasing created drives, account heads to deal with deals qualified leads, and client achievement groups to work with existing clients.


Multi language support

Support more than ten languages, also possible to add new languages as requested, fully customizable UI solution.



All of the functionality of Vega CRM is accessible by Restful APIs for makes facility to integrate with other enterprise software. Also, there is a plug-in to integrate websites designed by WordPress.

Customer journey

Customer journey is the process that explains details of customers experiences about connection with businesses. This feature helps you gather information about customers’ interaction ways with your company. The customer journey does not begin when people visit a site or enter a store. It starts when they think they have a need. A Variety makes a moment that your company can control it, others cannot. You passed part of your way with SEO service, and now you can turn your customer into a loyal customer by choosing a suitable customer journey. The vegarise team finds weak points in your customer journey map & fixes them. With our customer journey solutions, you will get the best results.

VEGA CRM benefits

  • Better customer service
  • The main benefit of CRM is improving business-customer relationships. CRM manages all of your audience, gathers their information, and makes it available to everyone who needs them.

  • Increased sale
  • CRM helps you control your business perfectly from beginning to end and increase your sales and productivity. It causes your employees to trust you and that you can easily solve problems if issues arise.

  • More accurate sales forecasting
  • Using automated sales reports, you can adjust your goals and what you expect in the future based on them.

  • Automatic reporting on sales
  • CRM helps employees evolve their performance and check their progress on each of their projects.

  • Detailed analytics
  • CRM helps you reach click-through rates, bounce rates, and… to judge the success of a marketing campaign, and optimize accordingly. Saving time, saving money, Effective advertisement and marketing, Increasing efficiency and improving function, and Increasing sales and management of the company are other benefits of Vega CRM that help you develop your business in the right way.

    Manage customer relationships and automate business processes with Vegarise latest software tools for long-term achievements for all the marketers, relaters, and business owners out there. Extend your reach to the new CRM Arena and marketing automation our experts design for easy functioning in your organization/company. Vega CRM is software used for carrying out different interactions with customers smoothly and productively to have overall business growth. It includes different tools for contact management, sales management, file management, customer support, workflow strategies, and more. It’s the best choice for your business and will take it to the unexpected level step by step.

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